Fine Marmorino Stucco in Powder Form


Single-component Fine Marmorino powder is a rich-lime based plaster, marble aggregate with maximum grain size of 350 micras (0.35 mm) and sheer aggregates of the same material, used for making decorative plasters. The aggregates in the stucco’s composition permit the application of finer (thinner) layers with a smoother finish than achievable with stuccos; Medium Marmorino in paste or powder form. For indoor and outdoor settings.

Suggested applications: Embellishing walls and ceilings in commercial premises, individual homes, institutions, offices etc. Magnificent properties include: permeability to water vapour, anti-static, low allergenic level, fireproof and good ageing.

Supports: Must be clean, dry, even and free of any kind of contamination (visible or invisible) that could stop it adhering properly to the support.

Bases: Quartz priming or Insulating base. For this material, do not dilute primers, apply one or two generous coats.

Packaging: 10.5 kg.

Preparation of product: Add 4.7 l. of water to 10.5 kg of Marmorino.

Life of mixture: 7 days.

Tools for application: Stainless steel trowel.

Clean tools with: Water.

Temperature of application: 7 °C minimum - 32 °C maximum (both environment and support).

To obtain colours: the 24 colours of this chart have been obtained with the formula given on the attached table. All dyes/toners can be mixed together to make other colours. To colour this material, when using outdoors, only use dyes/toners classified as for outdoor use on this chart.

Possible protection:

  • • Wax for stuccos: interiors.
  • • Penetrating acrylic primer: interiors and exteriors.
  • • Glossy or matt graffiti-proofing: interiors and exteriors.

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