Fine Micro Cement

Bicomponent Micro Cement


Mineral cladding, similar to medium micro cement but with finer grain quality.

Suggested applications: to give medium micro cement a finer, smoother finish, obtaining a different aesthetic appearance.

Base-surface: medium micro cement.

Packaging: Component A (14 kg powder) - Component B (5 kg liquid). Instructions for mixing: see medium micro cement.

Cleaning tools: use water.

Temperature of application: 7 °C minimum - 32 °C maximum (both air and surface).

To obtain colours: the dyes/toners of this colour chart, taking into account that to achieve the same intensity of tone as with medium micro cement, you must add 1/3 more toner. All dyes/toners can be mixed together to make other colours. To colour this material, when using outdoors, only use dyes/toners classified as for outdoor use on this chart.

Possible protection: matt or glossy single-component polyurethane varnish applied over penetrating acrylic primer. Matt or glossy two-component polyurethane varnish.

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Fine Micro cement

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