Finishing Micro Cement

Monocomponent Micro Cement


High-performance single-component hydraulic micro mortar, based on special cements and sands of variable grain size, finer than base micro-cement, as well as other additives. Mixing all materials gives the mortar magnificent physical and chemical properties and aesthetic appeal. Used for creating highly decorative continuous cladding with a cement-mineral type appearance on floors and walls.Used as finishing layer, forming part of the system: base micro cement + finishing micro cement.

Base-surface: base micro cement.

Packaging: 14 kg.

Preparation of product: add 3.8 l of water to 14 kg of base micro cement.

Life of mixture: from 24 to 26 hours in container.

Cleaning tools: use water.

Temperature of application: 7 °C minimum - 32 °C maximum (both air and surface).

To obtain colours: all 24 colours in the chart have been obtained with the formula on the lower part of the colour blocks. All dyes/toners can be mixed together to make other colours. To colour this material, when using outdoors, only use the dyes/toners classified as for outdoor use on this chart.

Possible protection: matt or glossy single-component polyurethane varnish applied over penetrating acrylic primer. Matt or glassy two-component polyurethane varnish.

*This information is a summary only and the corresponding technical specifications apply.

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Finishing Micro Cement

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