Lime-Based Paint


Lime-based mineral coating for interior-exterior use, for decorative “whitewashing”, both traditional and contemporary; application on brush in “arcs”, semi-smooth, weathered. etc. with final matte appearance.

Applications suggested: embellishing walls and roofs in commercial premises, private homes, institutions, offices etc. Magnificent properties include; permeability to water vapour, antistatic, low allergenic levels, fire-proof and good ageing, etc.

Surfaces: must be clean, dry, even and free of any type of contamination that could stop it adhering to its specific support.

Bases: Quartz priming, for this stucco do not dilute the primer, apply one or two generous coats.

Specific bases: Quartz priming (w. grit) for this stucco we advise diluting this primer with water by 7-10%. Alternatively, apply Insulating Base (no grit, creates a damp-proof barrier).

Tools for application: Flat brush.

Clean tools with: Water.

Temperature of application: 7 °C minimum - 32 °C maximum, both environment and support.

To obtain colours: All 20 colours of this chart have been obtained according to the instructions on the attached table. All dyes/toners can be mixed together to make other colours. To colour this material, when using outdoors, only use dyes/toners classified as for outdoor use in this chart.

Packaging: 5 - 10 kg. Presentation - thixotropic paint, stir before use.

Protection: One-component matte polyurethane varnish diluted 30 to 40% in water and applied by brush in the same direction as the paint/lime base.

* This information is a summary only, please consult the corresponding technical specifications. In case of doubt, the specifications apply.

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Lime-Based Paint

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