Medium Marmorino Stucco in Powder Form


Medium Marmorino powder is a traditional stucco, based on lime and marble aggregate with maximum grain size of 0.5 mm, used for making decorative plasters, or as a layer of screed before application of Fine Marmorino, if the wall has to have a very pronounced texture. For indoor and outdoor settings. Suggested applications: as for Fine Marmorino.

Supports: must be clean, dry, even and free of any kind of pollution (visible or invisible) that could stop it adhering properly to the support.

Bases: Quartz Priming or Insulated Base. For this material, do not dilute primers, apply one or two generous coats.

Packaging: 14 kg.

Preparation of product: Add 5.6 l of water to 14 kg of Marmorino.

Life of mixture: 7 days.

Tools for application: Stainless steel trowel.

Clean tools with: water.

Temperature of application: 7 °C minimum - 32 °C maximum, (both environment and support).

To obtain colours: the 24 colours of this chart have been obtained with the formula given on the attached table. All dyes/toners can be mixed together to make other colours. To colour this material, when using outdoors, only use dyes/toners classified as for outdoor use on this chart.

Possible protection:

  • • Wax for stuccos: interiors.
  • • Penetrating acrylic primer: interiors and exteriors.
  • • Glossy or matt graffiti-proofing: interiors and exteriors.

* This information is a summary only and the corresponding technical specifications apply.

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Medium Marmorino Stucco

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