Render for Texturing in Powder Form


Organic coating based on papier maché and minerals, to create decorative relief effects like: “ancient walls”, of the “waxed plaster” type.

Supports: must be clean, dry, compact and free of any kind of pollution that could impede adherence. Also preparations with a thick coat of Quartz Primer, without diluting or only slight dilution.

Tools for application: plastic wool, special rollers with “decorative relief effects”...

Clean tools in: water.

Colours: obtained by applying the Glaze/Patina in the colour chosen from this chart on the dry render for texturing.


  • 1) Apply plaster with a roller on a surface of approx. 0.8-1 m2, immediately and before it dries, create the “drawing” with a plastic or wool spatula of the same material. Leave to dry for 20 - 24 h at 20 °C and 55% relative humidity.
  • 2) Apply the Glaze/Patina desired with a brush, rag or sponge. Depending on the tool used, and in the order established in the paragraph, will present greater or less intensity of tone.

Theoretical coverage of the render for texturing: depending of the number of coats applied, support, texture or absorption of same, consumption of material may vary from the attached table (for guidance only):

Material M2 Coats
1-1.5 kg. 1 1

When the support is medium-grain popcorn finish, consumption will be more than the attached table.

Theoretical coverage of the Glazes/Patinas on the render for texturing: obviously depends on the texture of the plaster.

Material M2 Coats
1 l. 6-8 1

Precautions: none.

Pot life: 14 months from date of manufacture, in stable environmental conditions, +7 °C min. and +32 °C max. without opening the tin. Protect from freezing and high temperatures. This material can be diluted with water if necessary.

* For further information, consult technical specifications. This information is merely a summary and does not replace these specifications.

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