Silk Effect Base


Contemporary coating, interior use, for decorative surfaces with metallic/pearlised effect. With proper application technique, reflects light in all directions, like velvet.

For interior use.

Supports: must be clean, dry, even and free of any type of contamination that could impede adherence.

Special bases: Opaque base priming, apply two or more coats depending on type of base, with roller, diluting the product with 5 - 7% water if required, for easier application.

Tools for application: roller, brush, plastic spatula and/or stainless steel wool.

Clean tools with: water.

To obtain colours and prepare product: starting with Silk Base Effect, add the Pearl Silver Toner Tint to achieve the metallic effect, and to this mix add a Toner Tint from the chart in the proportions indicated on the attached table.Stir briskly to homogenise the material.

Metallic colours Gold, Silver, Aluminium and Bronze: obtained by mixing Tints/Toners of the same name with the Silk Base Effect.

Packaging: 3 kg and 0.75 kg.

Target coverage: depending on the number of coats applied, base, texture or absorption, consumption of material may vary from the attached table (for guidance only):

Product M2 Number of Coats
0.55 – 0.65 kg. 1 2-3

Complete drying: 24 - 36 hours at 20 °C and 55% relative humidity. Precautions: none in particular.

Life in packaging: From date of manufacture 16 months, in stable environmental conditions + 5 °C min. and + 32 °C max. without opening the tin. Preserve from freezing and high temperatures.

* This information is a summary only, please consult the corresponding technical specifications. In case of doubt, the specifications apply.

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Silk Effect Base

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