Venetian Limer Plaster


Mineral finish base on lime, for indoor use, for production of decorative plasterwork that is shiny and marble-like and exhibits good plasticity and transparencies. It is different from Classical Venetian in that its “waters” are much less defined.

Suggested applications: the embellishment of walls and roofs on commercial premises, in private dwellings, institutions, offices…. Some of the product’s magnificent properties include the following: it is highly permeable with regard to water vapor, antistatic, generally nonallergenic, flame resistant and ages well.

Substrates: they must be clean, dry, well-cohered, and free of any sort of contaminants that might impair the adherence of their specific bases.

Bases: Quartz primer (grit present) for this plaster, we advise diluting this primer with 7-10% water. Another option is to apply the Glazing Background (it does not contain grit and functions as an anti-moisture barrier).

Application tools: spray application for initial layers, stainless steel trowel.

Cleaning of tools: water.

Density: 1.65.

Dilution of plaster: use water, when necessary.

Application temperature: 7 ºC minimum-32 ºC maximum, (this temperature applies both to the substrate as well as to the environment).

Obtaining of colours: the twenty colours of this chart have been obtained with the formula located on the lower right side of the sheets: 5kg of Lime Venetian Plaster (VCL)+ 1 250 gram. can of Toner, except in those cases corresponding to Toner numbers 039, 040, 045, where two 250 gram cans have been added, respectively. In order to obtain gradient colours (lower intensity), just add less Toner. All toners may be mixed among themselves to obtain other colours. In order to homogenize the Toners with the plaster, stir with the electric mixer.

Application temperature: 7 ºC minimum-32 ºC maximum, (this temperature applies both to the substrate as well as to the environment).

Packaging: 1-5-10 kg. It comes in thixotrophic paste; stir before use.

Protection and/or glazing: Wax for Plasters, consult the summary of product characteristics in order to correctly apply it to this plaster.

Theoretical performance: This depends on the number of coats applied, the substrate, texture, or absorption of same; the amount of material consumed may differ from that shown in the table attached as a guide below:

Material Square metres Number of Coats
0.8-1kg 1 3

* In order to obtain more information, consult the relevant summaries of product characteristics; the above takes precedence over this summarized information.

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